"Thank you Division of Wildlife for standing up for Gunbarrel!"


We are committed to working together to raise awareness of Boulder’s prairie dog programs, to stopping Boulder’s planned relocation of +500 prairie dogs from Foothills Park to Gunbarrel’s Richardson II land, to changing the designation of the Richardson II from “Prairie Dog Conservation Area” (PCA) to a more appropriate designation of Grassland Preserve, and to getting Boulder to adopt effective mitigation and reasonable repair policies for damages suffered by private property owners as a result of the City’s prairie dog management policies.

What is a PCA?

The Richardson II parcel of open space in the Gunbarrel / Heatherwood area has been designated by the City of Boulder as a Prairie Dog Conservation Area or PCA. Under Boulder’s Grassland Plan, a PCA is defined as a parcel of land that has “ideal habitat” for prairie dogs. PCAs are the area to which the City will relocate all nuisance prairie dog colonies. The City also makes it clear that prairie dogs may NEVER BE MOVED OUT of a PCA regardless of the damage they are causing. The City will NOT re-vegetate nor repair PCA lands that are denuded by prairie dogs. Essentially, PCA lands are “written off” by the City as not having value beyond serving as catch basins for excess prairie dogs.


The Concerned Citizens of Gunbarrel believe the best way to stop the City of Boulder’s planned prairie dog relocation effort is to take it out of the shadows where City officials and prairie dog advocates wish it would remain and expose the plan, and the officials pushing it, to the full magnifying glass of the media.

MEDIA INQUIRIES: Please contact info@NOpca.com